If only he had known before
he wouldn’t have nagged for candy
just one little piece Mama
I don’t want that many.
Mama had finally given in
after much talking to
giving him a penny
with a firm, that will do.
The boy skipped happily
to the magical candy store
picturing in his mind
all the goodies he would explore.
That is when it happened
with a loud, deafening sound
he was swept off his feet
and hurled to the ground.
When he opened his eyes
he looked with a bewildered gaze
looking for his Mama
through the smoky, stinging haze.
He peered and he stared
at all the wounded around
what was he to do now
she was nowhere to be found.
Tears gushed down his eyes
stark naked with helpless terror
oh please help me God he prayed
I promise I will do better.
I wont ask for candy anymore
I promise to be a good son
I will never trouble Mama again
I will get all of my chores done.
Will he ever understand
that none of this was his fault
His Mama was taken from him
in the name of that very same God.
Will he ever understand
that even God is misunderstood
He never asked for such a sacrifice
under the pretext of doing good.
Will he ever understand
that His heart bleeds and sorrow fills His soul
when He sees His children fighting
over the Holy throne.
Now look at that boy standing
forlorn and wounded on that plain
And tell me
what justifies such devastation
in His Holy name?

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