Books that make you laugh,
books that make you cry
books that make you ponder
over the vagaries of human life.
Books that take you travelling
over strange lands you’ve never seen
meeting stranger beings along the way
that might or mightn’t have been.
Books that come alive
and threaten to swallow you whole
when they rouse a frenzied furor
in the very bowels of your soul.
Books that talk of passion
of vengeance wearing a lovers cloak
deafened to the sound of reason
caught in a deadly vicious choke.
Books that talk of nights
pregnant with brooding malice
of sinister dark intents
ruling hearts as cold as ice.
Books that flutter and flit
through shadows and pearly light
under the bellies of leaves and clover
with the wings of a frisky sprite.
Books that make you silly
doubled with peals of laughter
echoed through the day
sneaking over your shoulder.
Books are the very fabric of life
woven with tales that enthrall
that take us a moment outside our own
yet taken from moments that do indeed befall.

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