It’s a lazy day.
My mind is free, light.
I could float away on a cloud
over strange lands
over fields of gold
over rolling hills of deep emerald.
I could reach down my hand
and let my fingertips run over them
gently brushing the dancing rustling tips
of the Earth’s yield.
I see it in my mind’s eye.
I feel it vibrate through my being.
I laugh at the playfulness of the gentle breeze
as it carries me where it will.
But my heart is heavy.
Weighted down by something intangible.
What is it that plunges me so?
Is it knowing that one day
I shall close my eyes and see this no more?
That all this is transitory,
a beautiful dream
that will end as all dreams must.
A momentary play where the curtain falls
a moment too soon
followed by a heartbeat of hushed silence.
I know the curtain will rise again and the play will resume
but this time…without me in it….
without me in it.

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